Fisher research in Northern Minnesota - Ryan Pennesi Photography

The Natural Resource Research Institute is a branch of the University of Minnesota which strives to find solutions for Minnesota's natural resource based economy.  "Minnesota's economy has long depended on its natural resources -- rocks, water and wood. Those resources are also the foundation of our environment. NRRI's unique, multi-disciplinary expertise seeks practical solutions where economic growth meets environmental protection" (NRRI website). Ongoing areas of research under the umbrella of "Forest and Land" includes studies of mammals and wildlife ecology. 

The mammal research program at NRRI began in the early 2000s. Ron Moen, PhD, is head of the team studying a variety of factors important to the ecology of north woods mammals.  Some of the mammals studied include Canada lynx, moose, bats, white-tailed deer, American marten, Wood turtles, and wolves. GPS radiotelemetry is used to identify habitat use, and other techniques include field sampling, camera traps, and modeling to benefit management of wildlife species. Current Projects involve Distribution and reproductive habitat of northern long-eared bat Management of the wood turtle Moose population biology, habitat use, parasites, and diseases American marten habitat use Climate change adaptation for national parks in the upper midwest.

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